Official Python wrapper for the Chatwind API

Installing the package

To install the PyPi package, you have to run the following command:

pip install

Make sure you are updating this package regularly, as we add things regularly.

Once you have the package installed, define the package in your code.

import chatwind

After you finish all of that, feel free to add any of these available functions:

Getting a user's information

user = chatwind.user("USERNAME")

Check if a custom meeting code is valid

customcode = chatwind.customcode("CODE")

Get the statistics for Chatwind

stats = chatwind.stats()

Unmentioned feature

If this package does not have a function for a certain API endpoint, we have a function that lets you easily interact with any endpoint!

api = api("PATH", "METHOD")

This will return a JSON from the endpoint specified.

Note: "PATH" is the endpoint (e.g users/milanm), and "METHOD" is the HTTP method (e.g POST).